Friday, November 6, 2009

I should Have Known Better (again)

I have recently ended (again) a four year long ordeal of an on again- off again relationship. In my last email to him, I told him I no longer loved him, and that I didn't even like him. There was no point in going on, that he would never see me again, not to contact me. Of course, he contacted me. HE, the almighty, narcissistic HE had to tell me that we were done. HE just had to get the last word in. I thought.... and THIS is exactly why I don't even like you. I think of all the wasted time I waited and hoped. It is, like so many things, a long and convoluted story. But I waited, and I hoped. I feel cheated. Unappreciated. Undervalued. Somewhere out there, I hope there is a man who will love me. Really. Love isn't an easy thing, but does it have to be so damn hard?

Dean, wherever you are: Fuck off! (again) You have been deleted.