Friday, October 2, 2009

Don’t you hate it when someone lies to you??? I know I detest it. Now, this isn’t to say I’m perfect and that I’ve never lied, I have. Haven’t you? Haven’t all of us?

So here we all are, online, where anyone you communicate with could be anyone! They may not be who they say they are, a woman could really be a man, a man could be a woman, and someone who says they are tall could really be short. We’re all here for our own reasons, and some of us are very honest, and some of us are not.

Duped, Hoodwinked, Scammed, Mislead, Fooled, Beguiled, Bamboozled, Deluded, Deceived, Tricked, Betrayed and Bluffed.

Don’t you hate it when you fall into one of the above categories?

We have to make choices everyday. Some of us make great choices, good choices, okay choices, and bad choices. Our past experiences and our expectations and goals and desires all influence how and why and when we make choices. In order to make choices, especially good choices, we need information. Information helps us decide what to do, what to believe, and guide us. So what happens when you are given false information? You got it, you don’t make the best choice for yourself, or others… and you fall into one of the above categories.

o Liar
o Charlatan
o Scum
o Faker
o Beguiler
o Misleading
o Fraud
o Impostor
o Phony
o Pretender
o Quack
o and yes, an Asshole

If you fit any of the above definitions, and you intentionally lied to benefit yourself, shame on you.

I guess I often fall into the category of being duped, etc. Sometimes I forget that not everyone is as honest as I am. Sometimes I think I’m too honest. I give and reveal too much about myself. I should hold back a little more, and make sure the person I’m communicating with is “worthy” of my trust, and my honesty.

I have an undying sense of Hope. I hope my days will be filled with kindness, I hope for a better future, I hope for good times, I hope for love and friendship. Even when my hopes are dashed, the sense of Hope just creeps back. Just when I think I should give up all Hope, it always seems to come back. I can’t escape from having Hope. Hope is sometimes not a benefit, as I’ve been duped several times, and I’ve been very forgiving, too forgiving, why? Because I had hoped and believed that the person in question couldn’t possibly be that rotten, the deceitful, that misleading, that dishonest. Because I hope, I put my own needs aside, and let myself get taken advantage of. But I still Hope that one day I’ll be wiser. I guess sometimes I should just know better.

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