Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Roller Coaster MoJo

Several years ago I went to Florida with my mom and then boyfriend... where we met some relatives from England. Disneyland, MGM, Busch Gardens, hanging out by the pool... all on the agenda.

It was a gray, overcast day when we visited Busch Gardens. The only person who would go on the roller coasters with me was my cousin's husband, Robert. We decided on the Montu... and inverted roller coaster... where the seats are attached at the top and your feet hang freely below you. It was awesome! We had a thrilling and exhilarating ride... when we got off and discovered a VERY short line ( less than 10 people) we couldn't resist and had to go again! And again, and again.

Now, remember a little earlier on when I mentioned it was a gray, overcast day? Here's the part of the story when that little descriptive detail becomes important. Robert and I, on our fourth (and final) time, sat in the front. The ride started off fine with us both looking forward to the trip, while relatives below looked on with both dismay and frustration (while wondering just how many MORE times we were going to go).

Shortly after the ride began, so did the rain. It wasn't much at first, a few drops here and there. As the ride began to excellerate... the rain began to fall a little faster... and hurt a whole lot more! Being up front and travelling about 50 to 60 miles in some of the falls... well, let me just put it this way.... it was like a few dozen hypodermic needles being stabbed into you. It HURT!

It hurt, a lot. So much in fact... that I had to close my eyes. The stinging was almost unbearable. Of course, this was my downfall. Closing your eyes on any roller coaster is NOT a good idea... and most definitely NOT a good idea on your fourth trip round.

By the time the ride stopped, so had the rain. I couldn't get to a bathroom fast enough. The next three hours were hell. I tried to be brave and stoic, and suck it up... but I was miserable. The world was spinning uncontrallably. Nothing seemed to help... sitting, standing, leaning... water, food (especially the greasy sausage on a stick my then boyfriend bought me; what was he thinking???)... nothing. I was a ruined woman.

I haven't ridden a roller coaster since.... not so much because of this experience... but I haven't been to many places which have them, nor with anyone who would go with me. I'd like to think that the thrill would still be there... that I could get past these stomach-churning memories. When I hear others talk of adventure rides... I am envious. Yet a little scared. Will I ever get my roller coaster mojo back?

Have you ever had something you loved to do ruined? A little too much of a good thing... something that made less enjoyable? Were you able to recapture the joy you once had?

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