Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pondering Urinals

Yep, that's right. I've been thinking about urinals, of all things.

Ladies... men have it easy in so many ways... they generally look better as they age, a man can be unmarried and be called a "bachelor" but a woman is a "spinster". Men generally have better upper body strength, they don't have menstrual cramps, they don't give birth and they seem to carry a little extra weight better than most women. A man with gray hair is "distinguished looking", a woman just looks like she needs to find right shade of hair dye. Men can pee standing up.... whoa! Now, is that really such a bonus?

Sure, it makes peeing in the woods a better deal for the guys... but seriously? Would a woman really like to pee at a urinal? Guys.. don't you ever feel self conscious? Don't you wish for a little privacy? Why don't they put urninals in stalls? Aren't there just a lot of awkward moments? What's the most embarrassing that's happened to you, or that you know about?

At least with women, once the door closes, so does the talking, unless of course we're out of toilet paper and need to ask if someone can spare a square.

As a woman, I like my personal space... and I like my personal space a little better with a seat cover and automatically flushing toilets. But I settle for privacy.

What things have you ever thought would be great to have... that would make your life a little easier? Something you were envious of? Are you glad things are the way they are?

Yep... I sure do like having a door closed and locked when I gotta go! Sometimes it's those simple things in life....

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